MGF Treffen 2002

31 August to 10 September

Monday 02 September


No need to rush out of bed as we will make a late(ish) start for a drive around the region with visits to the highlights driving along the Mosel via Cochem to Moselkern where we then start 'inland'.

Well worth avisit is the Burg Eltz (Eltz Castle) one of the best preserved medieval castles in Germany.To get here we have to drive along a forest road that ends in a car park where a shuttle bus is provided or you can take the walk of about 800 yards - well worth the effort!

We finish the days tour at the Nürburgring Museum and then for those that want to do a lap or three of the famous Nordschleiße circuit we decamp to the starting gates which open at about 17.00 hrs.