MGF Treffen 2002

31 August to 10 September


Tuesday 03 September

Leave the Mosel and drive northeast to Wernigerode in the Harz.

Today is fairly long drive - approximately 260 miles of mostly 'cross country' roads and of course we shall stop enroute for coffee and lunch etc. at a couple of Germany's historical old towns such as Frankenberg and Fritzlar and providing we leave Zell by about 08.30 hrs we should still be in Wernigerode by 18.00hrs.

We can always cut across to Autobahns if for any reason we seem to be running late BUT it is my opinion (gained from doing several of these trips) that you much prefer the 'twisty' bits.








The Gothisches Haus Hotel

our home for the next two nights.

Built into the old building and right on the Market Square

Wernigerode is a beautiful old town that for many years lay neglected and almost forgotten when it was a part of the DDR (The Old Communist Germany) and the area was classed as sensitive as it was very close to the Border.

27 years since I was last here !