An exciting area and a 'first' for the BBS Treffen - explore the region on your own, or with the group. Take a ride on a steam train and visit 'The Bocken' a sking resort much favoured by pre WW2 Berlin folk.

MGF Treffen 2002

31 August to 10 September


Wednesday 04 September

A new area for the Treffen - The Harz (click here and then on the Union Flag)















Just a suggestion for the time being.

Leave the hotel at 9am and drive down to the Harz Information Centre at Drei Annen Hohne where we take a Steam Train (narrow guage of 1metre) to the Brocken the highest point in the Harz at 1140 metres.

After we return to our cars we continue driving along the mountain roads stopping for lunch at one of the many interesting little towns.

After lunch we cross the old DDR/DBR border and head north stopping at the Torfhaus where the Cold War Forces used to eye each other with the Communists having the 'advantage' on the Brocken.

Then continue toward Bad Harzburg, back over the old border to Ilsenburg and then return to our Hotel in Wernigerode