MGF Treffen 2002

31 August to 10 September


Thursday 05 September


Morning at leisure to explore and then after lunch we leave for the drive to Berlin and the Berlin Treffen

At the moment this is still 'in the air' but I have my wifes cousin Michael (who will be my co-driver for a few days) working on a route. He lives just north of the ancient city if Magdeburg - ( where Otto von Guericke the former physicist and mayor who was the inventor of the vacuum pump carried out what became known as the Magdeburger Hemisphere Experiment). Michael knows the region very well - in fact it was him that introduced me to Wernigerode back in 1975.

So until this is fianlised the idea is to have a bit of time to look at Wernigerode befor leaving for Berlin and perhaps visit Quedlinburg (click on the English Page) and Dessau both of which are now listed by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites.

Our hotel for the next three nights is the Ramada Berlin Courtyard Hotel