06 September to 14 September 2003

Day 1
Saturday 06

07.00hrs main group assembles in Dover for the 08.15 hrs ferry to Dunkerque aboard one of the new Norfolk Line ships.. Depart Dunkerque at about 11.30hrs (French time) for the drive to Anhee and our overnight hotel - half board.

We take the French autoroute A16 and A25 towards Lille cross into Belgium then along the A8 and A16. Stopping for Lunch and fuel at St Ghislain. Shortly after we meet Luc Devisch and the Belgian Group at Givry (left) and then with Luc leading we drive cross country to Chimay

Here at Chimay just in Belgium is where there is a section of road used as an auto circuit. We can perhaps get a photo here then continue on to Givet (back in France) on the River Meuse, which we then follow to Dinant (in Belgium) and Anhee and the Hotel Les Jardins de la Molignée for our overnight stop

Distance from Dunkerque to Anhee following this route is approx 190 miles with a driving time of about 4.5 hours.