06 September to 14 September 2003

Sunday 07

Today we assemble at approx 09.00 hrs for the scenic trip across The Ardennes, Luxemburg and the Belgian/German National Park to the River Mosel and the Hotel Richtershof our hotel for the next three nights

The hotel is a part of the famous 'Weingut Richter' (Vinyard Richter).:-

A Living History

The "Weingut Richtershof" was founded in the year 1680 in "Mulheim by Mittelmosel" by the descendants of the family Richter and the family Niessen.
Viticulture was at that time only one part of the range of goods available in a "colonial store" which later became a wholesaler of luxury articles of the time such as silk, textiles, leather, tobacco and spices.
An outstanding role played among other things by Franz Ludwig Niessen, was when he saved Mulheim in October of the year 1813 from plundering by Napoleon and thereupon was given a tract of land by the Mulheim municipality, on which was the "Elisenberg" . This wine area still produces today's best Riesling wines and has been a classification winner since 1868, and the vineyards are is still in the possession of the family Richter:
In the year 1881 the Weingut was divided by Ferdinand Richter between his two sons. His son Ludwig of Louis Richter received the principal firm and concentrated on viticulture and trade in wine. He extended the Gewolbekeller and built today's "ballroom" especially for the wedding of his fifth daughter: His son Artur extended the trade in wine, whose time was interrupted by the First World War. In the years 1920 to 1930, despite being plagued by inflation, he succeeded to develop successful wine marks.
In the Year 2000 Jutta and Manfred Preuss realised the dream, which had lain dormant for many years, to expand the 'Historic Weingut' with a hotel "of a special kind". This grew in such a way that the family Preuss as an "industry foreigner" armed with pencil, paper and good red wine and enlisting the help of their friend Michael Neyses working at the kitchen table produced the vision of a "Wine Romance Hotel Richtershof".
Manfred Preuss looked after the architecture; technology and exterior installations whilst his wife Jutta the interior design. By the skilful connection of historical and modern elements they created a singular ambience with personal details.
So it was on 1 May 2001 that the family Preuss greeted the first guests in their "Wine Romance Hotel Richtershof ".

The map below is a guidline only as this day will normally be arranged by a 'local MGF enthusiast' - Erik Baekelant and his partner Fran

Distance from Anhee to Mulheim following this route is approx 160 miles with a driving time of about 5 hours - so plenty of time to enjoy the scenery.