21 August to 31 August 2004

Day 10
Monday 30

Crossing Germany towards Belgium.

Our destination today is the is the Hotel Du Moulin in the village of Ligneuville by Malmedy and of course the famous Spa racing circuit.



First we leave the hotel at 09.00 hours for blast along the German Autobahns for a few miles (about 70) then we pause in the pretty little town of Soest for our morning coffee break.

We then travel south through the Sauerland crossing the Mohnesee (look out for 617 Squadron) through some pretty spectacular scenery.


Foot note : the German word 'See' as in Mohnesee simply means lake

We stop for lunch on the Sorpesee and then continue down to the Biggesee. Just a little further on and we join an Autobahn again and we follow it for about an hour until we come to the Eifel town of Blankenheim, here we have our afternoon coffee and cake break..

We then head for Belgium and our hotel for the last night of Treffen 2004.