MGF and TF Treffen 2006

Monday August 21

Today we enter Germany - click here

We leave Mechelen and travel across Belgium and Holland into Germany and along the Autobahn to the other side of Cologne where we then drive through the hills and rivers region of North Rhine Westphalia following the Sig Valley to the Sauerland and a National Park where we pick up the Lahn Valley and follow this to Marburg - an ancient university town.
Venice is known for its thousand bridges, Marburg for its stairs and alleys. Even Jacob Grimm once said: "I believe there are more steps in the streets than in the houses.” Crooked, bumpy, angular and steep, such is Marburg’s Old Upper Town. Here the medieval times are still tangible - you can see it, you can perceive it with all five senses. That is also how Boris Pasternak felt: "If only this were a city! But in fact it is a medieval fairy tale!” Not without reason does Marburg lie today along the German Fairy Tale Road.
A scenic and interesting drive today covering about 250 miles