21 August to 31 August 2006

Day 7
Friday 25

The 'Korso' or Cavalcade of MGs through Berlin..

Today is probably one of the most memorable days of the Treffen - to see a convoy of MGs of all types and ages being escorted on a cavalcade right through the centre of Berlin is just 'something else'. I can not imagine the Metropolitan Police doing this in London and above all to see many of the guys enjoying it.

And these are not the back streets but Berlin's equivalent of Oxford Street and Piccadilly! and last year to round it off nicely we finished the drive at the Meilenwerk an old tram depot that has been turned into an 'Old Timers' paradise (that's cars not me - although I might just feel that I have gone to heaven) Here we get a light lunch and the chance to take the shuttle bus to and from the Ku-Damm, a major boulevard of Berlin or the Potsdamer Platz the very heart of the reunited Berlin - it was a part of the old 'no mans land' in East Berlin during the days of partition.