My Cars over the ages


The KRT Fleet N11KRT - My present MGF & My last Jag,

Returning from The Italian Job 1997
Ford Taunus - reg no. S 686 BZ taken 1957 outside my billet in RAF Brüggen
My first car an Opel Olympia Cabriolet
PAN 677 an Austin A55 during the winter of 1962/63

The MGB belonging to my Sister-in-Law near Zurich in 1975.This is a 1972 model and is still owned by my Sister-in-Law

Our 1974 MGB-GT nicknamed Ugh due to its registration number UGH 490 M - In the Swiss Alps

Silverstone 1996
Peugeot 406 Estate now replaced with a Kia Sorento
Our everyday car and for towing the caravan the Kia Sorento XS 2.5 CRDi gave brilliant service from 2005 to 2011.
We decided it was time to change our car so we took delivery of a brand new Land Rover Discovery 4 XS STV6.

I have always had an interest in MGs and have owned or driven several over the years, my last was an MGB GT Chrome Bumper which I sold in 1978 when business dictated that we get a larger car.

Seventeen years later in 1995 when Rover launched the MGF I was immediately smitten and so in the October I placed my order and in March of 1996 The Green Squirrel - N11KRT joined the family.

The *F* proved itself to be such a good all rounder that we decided to sell our Jaguar and we have not regretted it at all.

Having now retired and to allow us to explore Europe without giving all of our pension to hoteliers we have invested in a caravan and a Kia Sorento 2.5 diesel as a tow car.

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