MGF Treffen 2002

31 August to 10 September


Program for 7. International MG meeting "The Octagonal Berlin Event"

Thursday, 05.09.2002:

starting from 12:00 o'clock

we expect our guests at the Meetingpoint of the mg club Berlin in

" hotel Courtyard Berlin Teltow "

Warthestrasse 20

14513 Berlin Teltow

Tel.: +49 - (0)33 28 44 04 67

to the output of the user documents and the Rallyeschild

starting from 15:00 o'clock

first meeting with coffee, tea and cake

General discussions in the hotel Courtyard Berlin Teltow

in the evening:

Official greetings of all delegates in the hotel Courtyard Berlin Teltow

Possibility for the participation in a city tour with touring buses (limited seats available). And for all mg drivers, who do not go on Berlin route, a cosy get together in the hotel Courtyard Berlin Teltow.

Friday, 06.09.2002:

starting from 06:30 o'clock

Output of the user documents and Rallyeschild for the latecomers

Participation in the Korso is possible only with Rallyeschild!

starting from 09:00 o'clock

Meeting place Autokorso

accompanied by Berlin police motorcycle team "white mice" it goes through the city center from Berlin

against 12:00 o'clock

End of the Korsos at a historical point



free return trip to the hotel Courtyard Berlin Teltow

in the evening:

This evening is meant for technical MG related discussions in the hotel Courtyard Berlin Teltow or it is at your liesurel. Maps and information for Berlin is also available.

Saturday, 07.09.2002:

starting from 09:00 o'clock

Pre Rally meeting for crews

starting from 09:30 o'clock

Start of rally over good roads around Berlin including lunch

Instructions in English and German

starting from 16:00 o'clock

Return to hotel

starting from 20:00 o'clock

"The Octagonal Berlin Event Night":

festive evening with buffet, Live music, dance and winner honour

Sunday, 08.09.2002:

starting from 08:00 o'clock

"Farwell Brunch" in the hotel Courtyard Berlin Teltow

Verabschiedung and departure of the users

off approx.. 13:00 o'clock

Route to the most beautiful places around Berlin


Nominal cash:

Consider please:

85,00 euros per person only by crossed cheque!

Nominal cash is regret cash!

Since the number of participants is limited to 80 vehicles, denominations are basically only processed if the nominal cash arrived with the organizer.

Included in the price

On Thursday greeting coffee/tea and cake, city tour (so far the seats are enough). On Friday Korso by the city center with police company, lunch, admission fees. On Saturday sporty-routistic exit, lunch, buffet and Live music in the festive evening. On Sunday "Farewell Brunch". Area rent, liability insurance, cups, travel documents, Rallyeschild, information and advertising material etc.. . ... and or other surprise.

Log-on and

Check with:

Heinz Arndt

When maritime route 3, D - 14482 potsdam

Tel. & fax: +49 - (0)331 - 740 79 76 (after 13:00 o'clock)

Mobilely: +49 - (0)179 - 468 18 39

Denomination conclusion:



So that there are no bad surprises, we recommend to post hotel rooms in time. For us in the hotel Courtyard Berlin Teltow a contingent of most modern hotel rooms are available, and thus all users can find accomodation together in a hotel.

Special conditions for our meeting:


" hotel Courtyard Berlin Teltow "

Warthestrasse 20

14513 Berlin Teltow

Double room with DU/WC

Hotel reservation:

80,00 per night with breakfast buffet

Tel.: +49 - (0)3328440467

Fax: +49 - (0)440440


Under the glossary word "mg club Berlin" can be posted the rooms up to 31.07.2002 .

They want to remain longer a few days - no problem, the hotel Courtyard Berlin Teltow provides for you.


The capital Berlin is 24 hours opened. "there the bear quilts!" ... and that is also well like that!


For noehere information you transmit please a Mail on: -

info@mg club