MGF Treffen 2002

31 August to 10 September

Suggested route:-

Uk via Dover/Calais to Anhee, Belgium
to Zell on the Mosel
tour of the region with a visit to the Nürburgring Museum and then the evening session on the North Track.
to Wernigerode a lovely old town in the Harz.
A drive in and around the Harz National Park and across the mountains going past the Brocken - Famous sking resort from before WW2 - but was 'out-of-bounds' under the DDR (the old communist Germany). Or if you want a rest from driving - try a train ride.
to Berlin for the Berlin MG Clubs biannual rally(A few pictures of the 2000 rally from Dieter)
(Friday and Saturday) various rally activities including a drive through Berlin of the MG cars escorted by Berlin's famous 'Weisse Mause' (White Mice) Police Motor Cycle Team.
after a farewell brunch we leave Berlin for a drive across the northern 'Heide' or heathlands skirting Wolfsburg - home of the 'VW' and staying for the night at one of the small towns such as Celle.
Drive to Amsterdam for the night
drive down the North Sea coast across huge bridges and ferries to Calais for our sailing back to the UK.
Apres Treffen Photos From:-

Most of the plans are now firmly in place and I must acknowledge the assistance being given to us by:-

Luc Devisch, Erik Baekelant, Peter Roos, Tolsten Ohms, Dieter Koennecker, Michael Temme.

Plus all the tourist authorities and various web sites.

If I have forgotten any one please dont shoot me!


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